Learn now to manage your business’ strategic performance. Self-paced. Completely online.

In 5 highly practical modules you will learn all the in and outs of strategic performance management. You will get tips and tricks. The course is based on the course I gave on many places all over the world. If you take part in the theory examination you will get a certificate of participation showing your exam results.

This course is for a large part comparable with the core course (given in Dutch) . However it has a slightly different structure and does deal with some topics in less depth. It also contains a module (‘becoming a Pro’) that isn’t included in the core course.

Why this International Course?
A robust strategy is essential for the future

In turbulent times, the organizational strategy must be both robust and flexible at the same time. For this reason alone, in practice strategy-building and implementation is a complex phenomenon.

Strategy development raises many questions, such as

  • How and with whom do you formulate a strategy?
  • How do you find out what the right strategic objectives are?
  • How do you make Key Performance Indicators (KPIs’s) SMART?
  • How do you monitor progress?
  • What is the best way to adjust?

We live in a turbulent world that gradually unfolds. A wrong strategy and irrelevant KPI’s can be disastrous. And that, while the strategy was designed to safeguard the future of your organization. That’s why you need to learn to cope with this uncertainty. You need to make sure your organization has a good strategic process.

The essence of my strategic performance management course is to design the strategic process. You will go through the entire strategic path: From idea, via a ‘strategic map’ (the strategy map) to strategic goals. And then we set up a management dashboard with KPIs. The course will make you a manager who will continue to steer effectively, even in times of disquiet.

What will you learn?

In the International Strategic Performance Management Course you will learn the following:

  • Who should be involved in strategic planning
  • Which strategic considerations leaders should make (analysis of  organizational environment)
  • How you can visualize the forces in the organization environment
  • Select strategies that are the strength of your organization using, and reduce the swaths
  • How strategic leaders come up with choices that can improve performance
  • How to guide and formulate the most vital goals from a strategic options
  • How to use modeling techniques – such as strategy housing and strategy mapping – in the strategy development process
  • How you do strategic goals can be put into a framework to communicate them to the organization
  • How to’s develop meaningful and sharp KPIs (SMART) for you the objectives that are included in the strategic framework
  • How to include goals in a management dashboard, how to structure and use it to track performance

The course will give you many practical examples of strategy and performance management. From different sectors and different countries. By means of  assignments you make the translation to your own organization.

Outline of the International Course

Get trained as a Certified Strategic Performance Manager and receive personal guidance. Completely online.

The course follows exactly the off line course, given many times to thousands of participants over the years. The course consists of four content modules and a fifths exam module. The content modules follow the strategic path: from strategic idea, via a model ( the strategic house, and the strategy map; both get attention) to the selection of strategic goals.

In addition, you will learn how to create KPIs for the purposes of measuring progress and how to make the translation work into a management dashboard or business cockpit. A special module is devoted to ‘becoming a pro’. The idea is that after the course you will be able to facilitate strategic discussions of a mT as professional facilitator.

In short: Everything you need to develop, execute and guide the strategic journey ofyour organization is on the agenda. You will save a lot of time because you don’t have surf the internet to gather the knowledge and skills.


Hands-on and practical: Make the translation to your organization

The course provides you with the practical framework for all strategic challenges so that you can continue to steer effectively in turbulent times. The theory of each module is supported by tests, quizzes and practical exercises. In these assignments I ask you to translate the theory into your organization. What’s more?

You will receive personal feedback on your assignments from the teacher Leo Kerklaan.

What sort of feedback? Leo reviews the work you have done and gives you instant feedback on what you can do with it. Each lesson in the course environment of a discussion button is also available, so you can ask your questions directly.

Strategic Performance Management: For whom?

Strategic performance management is useful both in the public and private sectors. In the public sector, it is usually about improving the service provision on the development and implementation of policy programs. The insights are also useful in transformation processes.

In the private sector, it is about entrepreneurs, analysts and professionals who want to know how to get the most out of performance management. Professionals like strategy and performance managers find it useful to model a strategy to set better goals, but also to conduct ‘what if’ analyzes.


The certificate will be issued once you have met the conditions. You must have completed the entire course:

  • the assignments in the course have been completed
  • successfully passed the theory exam

You will receive a certificate of participation.

All the tools for successful performance management

Here you see the toolbox! The course provides you with all the performance management tools you need to manage and measure performance with your teams. With specific performance management tools such’s the SWOT & TOWS, a balanced Scorecard (BSc), the Strategy Card, KPIs and a management dashboard, you have everything you need for a successful strategy.

Prestatiemanagement tools managen en meten van prestaties

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International Course

Take the course in your own time, whenever and wherever you want.

Instant feedback

Get personal feedback from Leo Kerklaan.


Upon completion of the course, you will be rewarded with a certificate.

Practical assignments and quizzes

Learn how to apply the theory to your own organization.

The content of the Strategic Performance Management course

The hands-on course consists of 5 comprehensive modules that are supported with videos, theory lessons, slides, assignments, quizzes, exams and additional reading material. You always have access to the teacher and receive personal guidance.

Module 1 - Introduction to Performance Management

  • Introduction: The basic concepts
  • Strategy and business model
  • Dilemmas: Exploration’s exploitation; robust and agile
  • Reasons for chronic underperformance?
  • Implementation conditions: Information, resources, people

Assignment: assess the implementation conditions for performance management in your organization

Strategic Performance Management: What is Strategic Performance Management? What is the essence of performance management? What are the reasons for chronic underperformance? Why do we see a lot of ‘overpromise and under deliver’ in practice? All problems with planning and processes can be traced back to the source. All basic concepts are explained.

Strategy: What is strategy and why is strategy important? Uncertainty and turbulence force management to react quickly. But what are the critical deployment conditions to transform a strategy into a good business model? You will review all implementation conditions: Information, resources, people.

The Strategy Lifecycle: A strategy is not forever. Results often deteriorate, which becomes apparent when we measure performance. This forces management to answer three key questions: Why are we here, where are we going, and how can we escape this. You will apply this analysis to your own organization (!).

Assignment: Where on the strategic lifecycle is your organization? What happens if you don’t adjust? And if you need to adjust, what is your strategy gap? You will assess the implementation conditions for performance management in your organization. The module also includes a theory knowledge test and additional teaching materials to further deepen you, such as casuses, podcasts and articles.

Module 2 - Your Strategic Framework (Strategy mapping)

Your strategic framework (Strategy mapping) in brief:

  • Strategic themes and Strategic frameworks’s
  • Three routes to model a strategic framework
  • How to build a strategy house; the resource matrix and a creative variant
  • Developing a strategy map; tips en tricks
  • Assignment: Build a strategic framework with objectives; your choice with strategy house or strategy map.

Modeling strategy: Many strategies are too vague. The objectives are not clearly defined; nor is it clear how they are connected. To overcome this, we can model our strategy and intentions. We will discuss the three possibilities for this. We will also look into the strategy house and the strategy card so that you can model your strategy accurately.

Strategy House: What is a strategy house and how can I build one? This is an excellent way to link the strategic themes to their respective objectives. It’s simple and it’s nice. So you will quickly apply this technique, but you have to respect the rules we will give you. Of course, you will have the opportunity to apply this to your organization.

Strategy card: This is a commonly used technique; the strategy map has been developed by Kaplan and Norton. As you follow the steps, you will be in a position to define cause and effect relationships between the strategic business objectives. In practice, this is an iterative process that results in more clarity and thus in more precisely defined strategic objectives (than the objectives you start with).

Assignment: Build a strategic framework with objectives; your choice with strategy house or strategy map.

Module 3 - Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Your Key Performance Indicators (KPI) at a glance:

  • About: Goals – Critical Success Factors – targets
  • SMART defining performance; how?
  • Key performance indicators feature
  • Result-KPIs and Driver-KPIs
  • Collecting KPIs – performance dashboard
  • The certification task: Design a strategy, objectives and a plan and a performance dashboard for your organization

From strategy to management dashboard: After formulating the strategic objectives with the help of the strategy house or a strategy card, we can translate them into measurable KPIs. KPI’s can help you effectively target organizational goals. In this module you will learn how to develop pure and SMART KPIs.

Identify the performance you want: KPIs need to MAKE YOUR strategic goals SMART. In this section you will learn how to define KPIs SMART.

KPI types: Not all KPIs are Same to you. One type of KPI is used to specify exactly the desired performance of the organization (result KPI). The other KPI type is the driver KPIs. THESE must also BE SMART. This section contains many practical examples of KPIs.

The certification mission: Design a strategy, objectives and a plan and a performance dashboard for your organization.

Module 4 - Become a Pro!

Do you want to become a Pro? This course gives you a lot of insights and backgrounds. But are you able to guide a strategy session for a management team? In this module I would like to give you many practical tips; they don’t require much study. Just use them, and you’re like a pro.

Applying Strategic thinking: As a facilitator, you need to be able to ask the right questions at the right time in the strategic journey. It is useful to have a framework in mind with the most important aspects and questions. We will provide you with a framework; it contains all the important aspects of the Masterclass.

Mapping tips: In this lesson I will give you 15 mapping tips that will make it easier to sketch and model a strategy. This way you can practice with strategy mapping/strategy modeling a final time.

Additional tips: In addition to specific tips on strategy mapping and strategic thinking, you’ll get more tips to help you become a certified pro.

Assess your performance: Take time to critically examine your strengths and weaknesses. How can you exploit the strong? This is the most important thing. But improving the weaknesses can also help.

Module 5 - Certification Module

In this module contains all the information you will need to get certified, including the Final Theory Exam.

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In the free session you can discuss all questions about developing and implementing strategic performance management in your organization with Leo.

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What our students say

Our students come from all over the world. Below you will find experiences of students who followed the course with us.

About the teacher Leo Kerklaan

Leo Kerklaan is an experienced international strategy professional, teacher and author of two strategy Bestsellers 'the agile organization (2016) and 'the organization cockpit (5th edition).
Leo Kerklaan docent voor online cursus strategic performance management

After 15 years of working in senior management positions at the Postgiro and Aviation (Fokker), and after 20 years of partnership with Holland Consulting Group, Leo established the Franeker Management Academy.

As an external consultant and teacher, Leo is still responsible for numerous assignments in the field of strategy and performance management.

Leo is author of 7 books and has more than 150 publications such as blogs and whitepapers.

Leo’s has acquired regional expertise by teaching and consulting regularly in various parts of the world. He conducted more than 50 workshops and training courses in the areas of strategic leadership, strategy formation, performance management, scenario planning, KPI design and business modeling.

Leo is a frequent ‘guest lecturer’ in the Netherlands and abroad. ’s addition to the programs of Franeker Management Academy, he is closely involved in the assigned Business Science programs and in Executive Programs of Maastricht School of Management.
Leo is een frequent ‘guest lecturer’ in het binnen- en buitenland. Behalve bij de programma’s van Franeker Management Academie is hij nauw betrokken bij de Passionned Business Science programma's en bij Executive Programs of Maastricht School of Management.

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After successfully completing the course, you will receive a Certificate of Participation.

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